Finance and Property

One of the major areas where mediation is beneficial is when it comes to sorting out and agreeing a plan of action with regard to property and finance. This area really can be a minefield and a source of much conflict. Using solicitors not only incurs costs but often increases bad feeling as each lawyer strives to get the best settlement for their client. Mediation works with all parties together to achieve an amicable settlement that benefits everyone, including any children.

mediationplus helps its clients resolve a wide range of financial and property-related issues. Many of the people we help come to us with a clear idea of how to split their assets but simply do not know how to implement the plan. We take the time to talk to both parties, discuss what the impact will be, make sure they are happy with the agreement and then help them find ways to achieve their aims. Armed with informed and expert support, the process can be carried out efficiently and amicably.

For couples who cannot decide how to divide their finances, mediationplus can provide an invaluable service that works towards reaching a fair agreement for all parties involved. By taking an impartial view and working with couples to look at the current situation as well as future expectations, what may initially seem like an impossible task can be achieved with less stress, conflict and expense than putting matters in the hands of a solicitor.

mediationplus offers its clients the opportunity to keep control of their situation, so by reaching a decision together it is more likely that the agreement will be kept and further conflict avoided.