Case Studies & Feedback

Jamie, seven, was having angry outbursts which were getting him into trouble at school and at home. His parents had separated some time earlier and both parents had remarried. He now had two younger siblings, one with his mother and one with his father. His father’s new relationship had recently broken down.

On the surface Jamie said everything was “ok”. He agreed he did get angry but did not want to talk about it. We began to draw together and Jamie was able to use the figure he had drawn as a symbol for his own feelings of loss, sadness and anger.

At the next session Jamie expressed his anger through pictures and a story of the “Anger Filled Village”. His anger exploded onto the paper. He was then able to move on to expressing his sadness and depression through drawing and we shared his feelings through stories, poetry and puppets.

With Jamie’s permission I shared his drawings and poetry with his dad. This helped his dad to understand how Jamie had been feeling and how he could better support Jamie in the future.

Jamie had also discovered different ways of expressing his feelings which would help him in the future.