Case Studies & Feedback

Sally had moved out of the family home and was staying in a hostel. She had been asked to leave home because of her level of aggression and anger to everyone in the house. The police had been called when some damage had been caused.

Re-Connect met with Mum and Sally to get their individual views. Each felt unloved by the other. Mum was concerned about the changes in her daughter’s behaviour and was worried about the friends she was keeping and her secretiveness and lies. Sally felt she was being pushed out of the family and her sister, Mandy, was being favoured. Sally felt she was being given grown-up responsibilities (eg babysitting) but being treated unfairly, expected to go to her bedroom at the same time as her younger sister. The mediator helped them talk about the other people in the household and the losses there had been for them both in recent years. Sally and her Mum both agreed they wanted a relationship and the mediator helped them come up with some arrangements to spend some one-to-one time together away from home. Sally and her Mum both felt Mandy might like to come to a meeting. She was invited and a meeting arranged between her and Sally. The mediator helped them talk together and find common ground and look at ways to get on. Another meeting was arranged but Sally contacted the service to say that things had improved and had been home for a visit which had gone well.