Case Studies & Feedback

Mr Alexander had complained to the Housing Officer about noise, loud parties and constant door slamming by Miss Baxter and her children. Community Mediation wrote to both parties and, with their agreement, mediators then visited each party for an individual and confidential meeting. At the meetings, it transpired that both parties were more concerned about the atmosphere of intimidation between them than the noise itself.

A round table meeting was arranged for both parties, facilitated by the two mediators. At this meeting both parties were able to express their worries. They both agreed that the walls between their houses were thin and that they would try and keep noise levels down, although normal day-to-day noise would be acceptable. They also agreed to stop all intimidation between them and in future to “agree to disagree” about who was responsible for intimidating who in the past.

At the end of mediation both parties felt able to deal with any future concerns between themselves.