Case Studies & Feedback

Steve and Sarah separated soon after John (5 months) was born. Although acknowledged as John’s father and paying Child Support through the CSA, Steve was not registered as John’s father on his birth certificate and did not have Parental Responsibility (ie was not legally recognised as John’s father).

When Steve and Sarah first came to mediation there had been no contact between them for 2 months and each was unwilling to give any ground.

At the first mediation session the parents were helped to focus on John’s needs and acknowledge each other’s perspective. They made arrangements for Steve to spend time with Sarah and John, so that eventually Steve and John could spend time alone once their relationship was established.

The parents arrived for the second session together and said that they now talked more often and had enjoyed spending time together with John. However Sarah still had reservations about John spending time alone with Steve. Discussion helped both Sarah and Steve to share their concerns and they agreed an arrangement for Steve to spend time alone with John.