What are the costs?

Do I have to pay for the initial Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM)?

If either you or your ex-partner are assessed as eligible for legal aid, the meeting will be FREE to both of you regardless of whether you attend separately or together. If you wish to be assessed for legal aid, you MUST bring with you the required evidence of your financial circumstances. Otherwise the cost will be £96 (inc. vat) each.

Do I have to pay for the mediation meetings?

Mediation is free to anyone we assess as eligible for legal aid. Where only one of you is eligible for legal aid, the first meeting will be free to both of you. However there will usually be a charge of £96 (inc. vat) payable by the non-eligible client for the preparation of the summary letter which follows the mediation meeting.

What will it cost me if I am not eligible for free mediation?

Issues Charged At
Children’s Issues £96 per hour per person (inc.vat)
Property & Finance/All Issues Mediation £120 per hour per person (inc. vat)

The average length of a session is one and a half hours. The charge for mediation includes the cost of preparing the summary letter which usually follows each mediation meeting.

The only additional charge (for financial issues) is for producing:

  • Financial Schedules – 1 hour per person
  • Memorandum of Understanding (including financial schedules) – 2 hours per person

How do I pay?

At the end of each appointment. We accept cash, cheque, debit card, credit card or bank transfer. Payment by credit card will incur an extra charge of £2.00 for a Mediation (£1.00 for MIAMs).

Appointments – Missed or Cancelled?

The Service reserves the right to charge clients for missed appointments and cancellations made with less than two working days’ notice. The charge for this with be £96 (including vat) for a MIAM or one hour at the assessed rate for a mediation meeting.

What if I go to court?

If you are the applicant, you will need a form signed by the mediator certifying that you have attended a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting.

We do not charge for providing the form if you have paid for your MIAM or where you have been assessed as eligible for legal aid.  Otherwise the cost will be £96 (inc. vat).

National Audit Office figures

National Audit Office figures show mediated divorces are four times quicker than going to court and four times cheaper. NFM mediators are trained in all aspects of family law and they focus on reducing the conflict in separation and divorce. That way couples are able to make their own arrangements for their property, finance and their children.